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i like to share my findings and daily happenings.


FYI: Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are a fun trend, but not all girls can wear the same pair of sandals. We all have different body shapes, and we have to be smart about the items we choose. The bulky nature of this popular shoe style adds flare to any outfit. This flare, however, comes with a set of rules. If you are short and wish to look taller, do NOT wear black gladiator shoes with thick straps.

A dark strap around the ankle cuts off the leg and makes it look shorter than it actually is. In this situation, we can go by the pageant shoe philosophy: to elongate the leg, choose a shoe that is neutral in color and has thinner straps! It gives the illusion that the leg keeps going into the foot and makes you look not only taller, but slimmer as well.


shower gloves actually work!

I made a random trip to The Body Shop the other day and inherited a pair of free shower gloves...

I've seen these before and thought the idea was a complete joke - I mean, who wants to wear gloves in the shower? Although the actual act of putting on gloves while showering is a little out of the ordinary, the benefits definitely trump the awkwardness of using this bath accessory.

I use an exfoliating scrub with the gloves, and my skin is noticeably smoother after my shower. Here's a link to the gloves I've been using: http://bit.ly/showergloves

One of my new favorite things...



cheers to my new blog!

I have decided to start blogging. After moving to Phoenix, graduating college and being so far away from everything familiar, I think it would be a fun new hobby for me. I am crazy about products especially beauty must-haves and interesting fashion trends. I also tend to lead eventful days...almost everyday.

If you follow the blog, you'll see posts about products, places and funny stories about my clumsiness, misfortune or just random events in my never-boring life.

As I write, I'll be sure to post links to my blog on Twitter and Facebook! Happy Saturday everybody!!